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8 Things to Consider Before Laser Hair Removal

Body hair is usually a hassle that adds to hygiene duties. Every time one goes out or wears a short dress, they have to go through the painful procedure of unpleasant waxing, tweezing, or shaving. However, most individuals nowadays rely on laser hair removal to get rid of unsightly stubble. It is becoming more popular since it provides a more permanent solution than any other type of hair removal.

The laser treatment is painless and also removes ingrown hair. It is safe and effective on all skin types and tones without leaving any scars. However, before an individual begins their first session, they should improve their knowledge about the treatment.

As per Dr. Shikha Aggarwal, a laser hair removal doctor in Ludhiana at Bliss Aesthetics, the laser hair removal procedure includes projecting a concentrated laser beam on the hair, which is absorbed by the melanin in the strand. The heat produced by the light damages hair follicles and hinders new hair growth. To remain hair-free, the treatment must be repeated every year. If an individual intends to have the procedure done, they should look for the best skin clinic in their area and meet with the technician to acquire the necessary instructions.

One should also prepare for the session ahead of time. Here is a list of eight things that must be done before undergoing laser hair removal:

Do a patch test at the clinic

When an individual finds a trustworthy skin clinic with experienced and certified technicians, schedule a consultation with them. During the initial consultation, the laser hair removal expert will look at the patient’s skin and learn about their goals.

Different skin types react differently to the laser. This is why, before the laser hair removal treatment begins, the technician at Bliss Aesthetics, at Laser Hair Removal Clinic in Ludhiana will do a patch test to assess the skin’s reactivity to the light.

The test helps determine whether the treatment is appropriate for their skin. If all goes well, patients will be given a date for the first session after they have been made aware of the extent of the treatment.

Avoid waxing and tweezing

During the initial meeting, the laser technician will go over the pretreatment rules, which must be properly followed. The most important of these is to avoid waxing and tweezing, as these methods remove hair from the roots.

The laser works on the hair follicles and cannot remove hair if the roots are damaged. As a result, patients must refrain from waxing or plucking for at least a month or six weeks before the session. If an individual wants to remove unwanted hair, they may continue shaving.

Shave the area before undergoing laser hair removal

Although one will be shaving the area, they must do it at least 24–48 hours before the procedure. It is critical because it improves the possibility of achieving better results. After all, the follicle remains intact and only a small portion of the hair is visible above the skin.

As a result, rather than focusing on the length of the hair, the laser can detect the follicle and treat it altogether. The procedure is dependent on pre- and post-care, so make sure patients follow it carefully.

Avoid exposure to UV rays

When deciding to undergo laser hair removal treatment, avoid any type of sun exposure or sunbathing because tanned skin is not suitable for the procedure. If an individual already has a tan, they must wait until it fades before starting the treatment. Patients can’t even use tanning beds because a laser on tanned skin might cause scorching and inflammation. So, when going out in the sun, make sure patients cover themselves properly and wear sunscreen.

Avoid using cosmetics and creams

Make sure patients haven’t applied any lotions or cosmetics to the skin that will be treated before the first session. Wash your skin with gentle soap and remove any cosmetic residues, such as deodorant, lotion, makeup, etc. On that day, avoid moisturising the skin because it should be clean and dry for the treatment. If an individual has a habit of bleaching their skin, stop at least six weeks before the treatment to make sure the hair’s pigmentation is not affected.

Stay away from medications

Patients must inform their technician about any medications they are taking or ointments they are using. This is important because some of these medications can interfere with treatment by making the skin sensitive to light, resulting in burns and blistering. As a result, patients should see a dermatologist, Dr. Shikha Aggarwal for laser hair removal in Ludhiana and can discuss with her any medications they are currently taking or have just begun taking.

Expect to have several appointments

Although laser hair removal may appear to be a miracle solution for unwanted hair, it does not work in a single session. Consistency is required for the best results. This involves attending several appointments and following the proper before and after procedures. Hair grows in cycles, and quite a few sessions will be required to address each target area to catch all hair at the ideal point of the development cycle. Based on the body part and sessions provided the laser hair removal cost in Ludhiana is decided. One can visit a dermatologist to learn more about the cost of laser hair reduction sessions in detail.

Get ready for the session.

Patients must be mentally prepared for the treatment because it will take four to five sessions to complete, depending on the area that needs to be treated and the skin type. The sessions will be scheduled four to six weeks apart. So avoid going to the beach during this time, stay out of the sun, and follow the post-care guidelines. To be calm, one should avoid caffeine on the day of the procedure and instead drink decaffeinated liquids.


If an individual has chosen to undergo laser hair removal, make sure they follow all of the guidelines listed above. One must follow the instructions provided by the skin doctor in Ludhiana, Dr. Shikha Aggarwal at Bliss Aesthetics to ensure that the treatment is effective and safe. Get in touch if you want to know if you are an ideal candidate and this procedure benefits. Visit now!

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