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Fungal Infection

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    Fungal Infection Treatment

    Fungal infections are mostly caused by Dermatophytes commonly known as ringworms. These organisms are usually found animals’ skin and can infect human beings.
    People working in cow sheds can get infected.
    Fungal spores can be found on the sides of a swimming pool floors, classrooms, hospitals and clinics.
    The fungus is found only on the stratum corneum.

    These are the 3 types of fungal infection:

    a) Infection of skin – Tinea Corporis
    b) Infection of hair – Tinea Capitis
    c) Infection of nails – Tinea Unguim

    If the patient is using steroid preparations from a long time then one can develop T. incongnito.

    Due to an overwhelming use of steroids by patients tinea has become resistant to various anti fungals.

    Treatment of fungal infections include:

    a) Clean, sun dried, ironed clothes
    b) Not to share clothes, combs and under garments
    c) Short trimmed nails
    d) Avoidance of pet dogs
    e) Do not walk barefoot

    Specific measures:

    • Oral anti-fungal therapy and local anti fungal
    • Anti-allergics to prevent itching