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    Best Microneedling in Ludhiana - Consult Dr. Shikha Aggarawal
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    Microneedling With Deep Tissue Perfusion

    It’s inducing collagen by puncturing the skin with hundreds of tiny needles. It’s painless and quite effective at our clinic as we use dermaFrac in which we combine micro needling and deep tissue serum infusion to improve fine lines, wrinkles, scarring, brown spots, and open pores. Many kinds of infusion serums are available which are used depending on your specific concerns. After the procedure, there is minimum redness and one can resume work immediately. Microneedling is quite a safe procedure and is effective in imparting glow to your skin. Usually, about 4-5 sittings at a gap of 3 weeks are given. If you wish to eliminate fine line and wrinkles we use anti-aging peptides, if the treatment is focused on pigmentation skin pigment lighteners are infused, hyaluronic acid (HA) moisturizers can be used to hydrate your skin. There are many other solutions available such as acne therapy solutions and more which help to rejuvenate the skin in a gentle yet effective manner.

    Microneedling infusion therapy is done with Dermafrac.
    It uses a roller which has 180 super fine needles to stimulate collagen production and cell renewal helping to plump, firm and smoothen the skin.
    As the roller creates microchannels in your skin the Dermafrac system simultaneously enables the infusion of a potent serum.

    This treatment targets;

    • Aging skin.
    • Fine lines and wrinkles.
    • Brown spots and pigmentation.
    • Open pores
    • Acne scarring.

    There is a variety of infusion serums which penetrate the skin and give a smooth and glowing appearance.