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About Bliss Laser Skin Clinic

Bliss Laser Skin Clinic is one of the top-rated dermatologist clinics in Ludhiana founded by Dr. Shikha Aggarwal. It’s the epitome of health, wellness, and aesthetics providing all-inclusive solutions to all medical and cosmetic concerns related to skin, hair, and nails. The key feature of Bliss Laser Skin Clinic is to help all its clients and patients attain optimal health and beauty in all dimensions. Be it a minor concern or a serious issue, Bliss Laser Skin Clinic is a one-stop clinic for anything that would bother an individual about external beauty and internal health.

Top Skin Clinic in Ludhiana - Bliss Laser Skin Clinic is one of the top-rated dermatologist clinics in Ludhiana founded by Dr. Shikha Aggarwal.

Why Choose Dr. Shikha Aggarwal?

Dr. Shikha Aggarwal is the chief dermatologist and cosmetologist at Bliss Laser Skin Clinic holding vast experience in dermatology, cosmetology, and trichology. She is a great consultant dermatologist. Her clinical experience covers general dermatology and cosmetic dermatology. She is known to be outstanding in practising cosmetic dermatologist services like lasers, fillers, and chemical peels.

Her experience in practising skin and hair care has fetched her many clients and they all rely on her for her expert advice. She has served clients of different professions like models, politicians, corporate workers, and others, providing them with great confidence and behaviour. People can schedule appointments with her at flexible times. She ensures result-oriented treatments with maximum comfort and satisfaction of the patient in optimised budget management.

Dr. Shikha Aggarwal keeps herself abreast with the latest advancements in her field of practice. Her clinic is at a convenient location in one of the most prestigious areas of Ludhiana. With easy road connectivity, people can reach her at any time of the day. So, what are you waiting for? Schedule a hassle-free consultation online with Dr. Shikha Aggarwal, the most recommended dermatologist in Ludhiana for skincare concerns.

Why is Bliss Laser Skin Clinic famous?

Dermatologists at Bliss Laser Skin Clinic, top skin clinic in Ludhiana assure satisfactory service to their clients and strive to deliver them with their desired results. They are dedicated to providing result-oriented services and also ensure that their client’s needs and desires are fulfilled. Their main goal is to provide patients and clients with comfort and happiness.

Bliss Laser Skin Clinic stands out to be the best due to the following reasons:

  • A unique personalised approach to accurate diagnosis
  • Address the root cause of problems to prevent recurrence
  • Multi-graded patient education allows patients to understand and manage their issues more efficiently
  • Customised, comprehensive care to people of all ages by a team of knowledgeable, skilled, and dedicated doctors
  • Use of high-end, FDA-cleared technologies and procedures that ensure superior quality treatments
  • Availability of affordable, all kinds of dermatology services delivered in a relaxing, luxury setting
  • Advanced and safer treatments provide long-lasting, effective results
  • World-class, clinically-proven solutions to meet all patient’s needs.

Aesthetic Treatments available at Bliss Laser Skin Clinic

Anti-aging treatment

It’s not possible to forever stay young, but it’s possible to delay skin aging and have youthful skin with some effective anti-aging treatments offered by dermatologists. Our anti-aging treatments include smoothening of fine lines and wrinkles, skin tightening, treatment of pigmented skin, and dark circles removal. All these are possible with procedures like ablative/non-ablative laser treatments, dermal fillers, microdermabrasion, anti-wrinkle injections, chemical peels, and microneedling. Contact Bliss Laser Skin Clinic, top dermatology clinic in Ludhiana if you are seeking the best anti-aging treatment at a reasonable price.

Skin Tightening treatment

We, at Bliss Laser Skin Clinic, offer both surgical and non-surgical skin tightening treatments for skin that has become loose or saggy. Our expert cosmetic dermatologists have been successfully performing in-office skin tightening procedures using radiofrequency, laser, or intense pulsed light, on thousands of patients over decades.

Laser Hair Removal

Bliss Laser Skin Clinic, is one of the leading laser hair reduction clinics in Ludhiana. It has a team of highly trained and experienced dermatologists and laser technicians who specialise in performing laser hair removal with diode or Nd: YAG laser. They ensure that utmost care is taken while providing the service and the patients feel relaxed and satisfied with the results.

Medi Facial

Medical-grade Facial offers beyond what is provided by regular salon facials. It involves the use of many latest skincare technologies and techniques including dermaplaning, microcurrents, LED therapy, photo-rejuvenation, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and others. The technological devices are used in combination with intraceuticals like essential vitamins, serums, botanical extracts, and chemical peels. At Bliss Laser Skin Clinic, skin care clinic in Ludhiana we offer a wide range of medical facials to meet an array of skincare needs and goals of our patients. With medical facials, our patients can achieve flawless skin and enjoy enviable results.

Chemical Peel

Chemical peels are mild to strong acids that are applied across the treatment area to exfoliate the skin. At Bliss Laser Skin Clinic, we recommend chemical peels for skin issues like rosacea, fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, scarring, redness, and hyperpigmentation. We provide all types of peels (superficial, medium, and deep) depending on the patient’s skin type, the concern to be addressed, and its severity.

Obagi Facial

If in need of lasting skin hydration and a weightless feel, Bliss Laser Skin Clinic provides all kinds of Obagi Facials. These facials are the best in skincare as they can address specific skin concerns and conditions and at the same time help people achieve the best skin of their lives. We advise our clients on the best obagi facial that is most suitable for their respective skin types.

GFC treatment

We perform advanced P-R-P (Pla-telet-rich pla-sma therapy) such as Growth Factor Concentrate for hair to help thicken existing hair and allow hair regrowth. If experiencing hair loss and looking for non-surgical, effective hair loss treatment, please visit Bliss Laser Skin Clinic for expert advice on GFC treatment for hair loss.

Hair fall treatment

Hair fall is a very common concern that a dermatologist can best address. At Bliss Laser Skin Clinic, we offer the best hair fall and hair loss treatments such as hair growth stimulating medications, P-R-P therapy, hair mesotherapy, scalp microneedling, and hair transplant surgery. We have experts in advanced technologies like the hair transplant

Pigmentation removal

Hyperpigmentation is a common skin condition that can be caused due to various reasons like sun damage, acne, hormonal changes, injuries, and others. Bliss Laser Skin Clinic performs advanced treatments for hyperpigmentation like chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and laser peels to provide our clients with even skin tone.

Acne and Acne Scar treatments

Bliss Laser Skin Clinic, skin clinic in Ludhiana has skin professionals who are specialists in the treatment of acne on the face, back, and chest. Once they treat acne, they even help get rid of scars left behind by acne upon healing. The treatments available for acne scars at Bliss Laser Skin Clinic include laser resurfacing, fillers, chemical peel, microneedling, dermabrasion, and even surgical procedures. Dr. Shikha Aggarwal is an expert in treating acne and acne scars. Meet her at Bliss Laser Skin Clinic and take advice for the best acne/acne scar treatment in Ludhiana.

Dr. Shikha Aggarwal is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of dermatological issues. She is a valuable resource for learning how to prevent concerns related to skin, hair, and nails. Dr. Aggarwal can provide expert advice on caring for your skin, hair, and nails and even help you develop personalised skincare and haircare routines.

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