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Scar Management

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    Laser Treatment For Scar

    Scars are a consequence of uncontrolled synthesis and deposition of dermal collagen. TGF-B is essential for wound healing, overproduction of TGF-B can result in excessive deposition of scar tissue.

    Early wound care is absolutely essential to facilitate rapid epithelization.

    Conservative approaches such as moisturizers, silicone gel sheeting, systemic antihistamines, and topical corticosteroids may be tried. Alternative treatment methods such as Massages or Hydrotherapy may be suggested for the patients comfort.

    • SILICONE BASED PRODUCT : Silicon can be applied after incision or wound has epithelialized and is maintained for at least 1 month.
    • INTRALESIONAL STEROIDS: It acts by inhibiting collagen synthesis and possesses anti-inflammatory properties. Dermal Atrophy,(one of the side effects of steroids), is utilized as the mechanism o action. Intralesional injections are given at intervals of 4 and 6 weeks.
    • CRYO FREEZING WITH Intralesional steroids.
    • FRACTIONAL LASERS: Both Co2 and Erbium glass lasers are effective in treating all type of scars. Multiple sessions are required and scar remodeling is done in controlled manner.