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Eye Rejuvenation

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    Eye Rejuvenation Treatment

    The face and in particular, the eyes are an immediate indication of a person’s age and emotional state. This is why the rejuvenation of the periorbital area is often needed.

    What are the major concerns in the under eye area?

    • Brow ptosis
    • Wrinkles of the upper eyelid
    • Lid ptosis- difficulty in applying make up
    • Crow’s feet
    • Eye bags
    • Hyper-pigmentation

    Causes of under eye problems
    Displacing of ROOF, lateral brow ptosis, and lacrimal gland prolapsed and mid-face loss of volume can happen because of so many different causative factors. Sleep deprivation, water retention, and/or medical conditions can lead to the aforementioned problems.

    Treatments available for under eye problems
    The skin around the eyes is so thin that it’s important to stimulate cell proliferation and boost the structure and dermal components.

    Depending upon the concern, different modalities are used for eye rejuvenation.

    1. Among the non-invasive procedures, the use of an electromagnetic field or non-ablative RF is very popular these days. The selective and controlled rise of temperature promotes the formation of new collagen in the deeper layers. The machine uses monopolar radiofrequency as well as ultrasound technology to melt away fat and lighten skin. The treatment is extremely comfortable and involves no pain.
    2. If there is considerable fat loss/volume loss in the cheek area –dermal filler can support the eye and can be used to lift the midface.
    3. For dynamic lines, even anti-wrinkle injection can be one option.
    4. Surface changes can be corrected with fractional lasers and chemical peeling .

    In short, a multidisciplinary approach is what is required.

    One must consult their dermatologist and share their concerns to find out the right kind of treatments for under eye rejuvenation.