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Stretch Marks Reduction

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    Stretch Mark Removal Treatment in Ludhiana
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    Stretch Marks Reduction Treatment

    Stretch Marks are long narrow Streaks Stripes or lines that develop on skin. They can occur on stomach, thighs , hips, breasts, upper arms and lower back. Because of intense growth due to pregnancy, weight gain, weight loss or puberty, stretch marks occur when the skin cannot resume its normal form.

    Prolonged steroid use can cause stretch marks. Creams, gels, lotions, are rarely effective in the treatment of stretch marks.

    Stretch marks can cause anxiety and problems with self image.

    The best available treatment consists of removing them via laser resurfacing .It works by removing the outer layer of skin. During the procedure beams of light are used in concentrated amount to encourage new growth.

    The most common lasers are fractional laser which could be Co2 or Erbium glass laser.

    The procedure is a lunch time procedure and following laser there can be minor redness and swelling. This is normal and lasts for few days.

    At Bliss Laser skin clinic, 5-6 sessions of resurfx laser are done one month apart. The results are visible within 1-2 months. There is considerable tightening of skin.