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Tips from a Dermatologist to Prevent Acne Scars!

Scars are formed when a breakout penetrates the skin deeply and damages the tissue beneath the skin. The pores swell which causes the break in the follicle wall. Acne scars are not a health issue but more of a cosmetic concern. So, the acne scar treatments at Bliss Laser & Skin Clinic aim to reduce the appearance of scars, provide better skin texture, enhance self-esteem, and promote overall skin health.

Dr. Shikha Aggarwal is one of the most popular skin specialists in Ludhiana. She has been practicing dermatology for more than a decade and with her experience, she can provide customized solutions to her patients. The most effective treatments are those that attempt to repair the scars by forming new collagen fibers.

Now, let’s talk about how one can prevent these acne scars from forming:

1. Sun exposure must be avoided
Dr. Shikha recommends avoiding excess sun exposure especially if someone is dealing with acne scars and marks. Being out in the sun can cause sunspots and pigmentation making the skin look worse. Application of a broad-spectrum sunscreen is mandatory whether indoors or outdoors. If someone is taking laser treatment for scars, then again constant sun exposure may delay the healing process.

2. Don’t pop pimples
Popping pimples or squeezing them seems to be an easy solution to do away with pus-filled pimples. But, dermatologists say that it is the worst mistake one can make for their skin. Pimple popping may make the swelling go but it injures the skin and damages it deeply. It forces debris deeper in the dermis layer which spreads infection and also worsens inflammation. This can leave permanent scars and marks on the skin. So, avoiding pimple popping is the first step to prevent scars.

3. Use skin-friendly products
Choosing the right skincare products can help in preventing many skin problems. People with oily skin shall use gel-based light skin creams that are non-comedogenic. Dr. Shikha recommends avoiding harsh exfoliators, soaps, and heavy creams. Rubbing a towel on the skin is also a wrong practice. Over application of acne scar medication to get faster results can harm the skin. Someone who has acne-prone skin must maintain skin hygiene. Using salicylic acid-based face wash and chemical-free makeup is advised as it does not worsen the condition of acne and prevents scars from forming.

4. Do not exfoliate
Exfoliation must be avoided when someone has active breakouts. This must be done when the skin has healed and cleared up. Exfoliation does not improve acne scars. Acne scars usually show up when the production of collagen has stopped. So, to minimize the acne scars, collagen production is to be stimulated. Medical treatments can help in initiating the healing process by boosting collagen production.

5. Home remedies can not be the ultimate solution
Home remedies can be beneficial to one and at the same time can show no significant result to other individuals. Natural ingredients can sometimes trigger inflammation on the skin which definitely worsens the condition. It is essential to identify the root cause in case of any skin problem. It is important to visit a dermatologist before trying out any home remedies or self-medication. They are qualified to diagnose skin problems and provide treatments accordingly.