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Newer Cosmetic Treatments and Trends

Newer Cosmetic Treatments and Trends in 2019

Skin Whitening: The desire to be fair is here to stay with higher strengths of glutathione available in the market. New ingredients like crystal tomato, piperidine, flower extracts, melatonin, newer forms of glutathione are few to look forward to in skincare products. Other herbal derivates like terawhite, white ten, lipabrite are also to watch out for. Pumpkin peel, purple peel are fancy names for the newer milder peels with ingredients in mild concentrations.

Laser resurfacing and microneedling with newer meso-solutions remain the main stay of treatment.

Uneven skin tone, open pores and blemishes remain the main concerns of patients which can be successfully treated with lasers.

Lip Augmentation: Lip injection treatments are cosmetic dentistry which have become very popular today for transforming not just the lips and teeth but the entire face. Modern lip injection treatments are extremely sophisticated from injectables that contain fillers like Belotero, Restylane and juvederm range. 2019, the trends are definitely shifting to natural looking lip augmentation as opposed to the over-filled lips. Lip shaping procedures will become more sophisticated with new facial rejuvenation and asymmetry correction techniques coming up. Lip augmentation when done at At BLISS LASER SKIN CLINIC, gives a subtle, rejuvenated and young look to the lips.

Anti-Ageing: Non surgical procedures for facelift and skin tightening are definitely the buzzword for 2019 in anti ageing market. HIFU has already proven to be trend setter in 2018 and in 2019 there would be Sigma life in India. US FDA approved Ulthera is still market driver in non surgical options. However threads are an economical and effective option. However 2019 is looking at newer thread technologies like cones, different barbs, powder threads. Anti oxidants still make a large part in anti ageing treatments and new molecule such as asthaxanthin and zeoxanthin are on the horizon. They are powerful antioxidants that protect the skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays, and also improve the elasticity of the skin thereby reversing the ageing process of the skin. Polypodium leucotomas which one enjoyed in 2018 , now seems to be restricted in 2019. Yet to see what happens.

Hair Reduction Lasers: To keep up with the continuous demand for hair reduction, lasers have continued to dominate the market and will continue to do so, due to improvement in their technology such as cooling attachments and minimal patient discomfort.

Hand Rejuvenation: Don’t let hands give away their age! Hand rejuvenation with fat and fillers is popular and continue to be the trend.

Beautiful Brows: Eyebrow trends- They have evolved from pencil- market brows, thin arches to full brows now. To achieve this upcoming trend, microblading is the answer. The art of microblading now gives one a more natural look. Every year is a new year for the beauty industry to make its mark for that year with newer technologies, techniques, and treatments. Looking forward to 2019 with great enthusiasm and hopes of being able to work with the same.